Memorial Service for Soldiers

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The Mountain Post was host to a memorial ceremony for three Fort Carson Soldiers who died while serving in Iraq.

During the ceremonial roll call, the names of Sergeant Timothy R. Boyce, Sergeant Denis J. Gallardo, and Corporal Jared W. Kubasak went unanswered.

Boyce, 29, was born in Bountiful, Utah. He's survived by his wife Sharon, son Ammon, daughter Gracelynn, parents Rick and Tammy Boyce, and four brothers and sisters of Farmington, Utah.

Gallardo, 22, was born in Panama City, Panama. He moved to Florida, and enlisted with the U.S. Army after graduating from High School. Gallardo is survived by his mother Ileana, sister, and brother.

Kubasak, 25, was born in Rocky Mount, Virginia. Kubasak is survived by his parents, Daina Lee and Darel Kubasak, who still live in Rocky Mount, Virginia.