Sexually Violent Predator in Colorado Springs

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David Dwayne Allen is a Sexually Violent Predator (S.V.P.). That means, he meets all the legal requirements in Colorado for this rare designation. He's been living in the Deerfield Hills neighborhood on the Southeast side of Colorado Springs for the past three years. But, until his case was reviewed, he was simply one of the hundreds of other sex offenders living in Colorado Springs.

He was convicted of sexual assault. The incident is that in 2000, he gave alcohol to a 16-year old girl. She passed out at his apartment, and woke up only to find him holding her down, and sexually assaulting her.

Of the 9,140 registered sex offenders in Colorado, only 9 of them have this S.V.P. label. Another S.V.P. lives in El Paso County.

Allen's parole officer says Allen has had his driver's license suspended, so he is not allowed to drive a car. This restriction is just one of the many he has to follow while he's on parole. Allen's address is 3024 Starlight Circle.