Bin Laden Appears on Video Tape

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Osama bin Laden says the Iraq war "is raging with no let-up" and the situation in Afghanistan is swinging into his favor.

In a transcript of the al-Qaida leader's latest audiotape, bin Laden threatens the U-S and predicts victory for the militants.

Bin Laden called President Bush's May 2003 aircraft carrier declaration of the end of major combat in Iraq a "fake, ridiculous show."

He also challenges Bush's assertion that by fighting militants in Iraq, the U-S doesn't have to face them at home. Bin Laden says fighters can evade new security and "the proof" is the blasts in the capitals of America's allies.

He offers a truce and says American should learn from the Soviet Union's loss in Afghanistan.

U.S. Northern Command operates at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. NorthCom assesses all threats to the homeland. Rear Admiral Gene Brooks says while the recording is new, the message is the same.

Rear Admiral Brooks says, "It really doesn't change anything. Reading it over, he's expressed the same intent since 9-11 which is to attack America."

He adds, "The reason we exist is to keep him from carrying out his intent."