Anti-War Protests

Colorado Springs Police fired tear gas at anti-war protesters and hit at least one with a rubber bullet this afternoon when a rally spilled out of Palmer Park and blocked traffic on Academy Boulevard. Police say they used the tear gas after repeated warnings to clear the street.

Many of the protestors moved from the park to the main gate at Peterson Air Force Base where several were arrested, but tear gas was not used there.

At least two people were treated at Memorial Hospital for minor injuries.
They have been released.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Skip Arms says 13 people were
arrested at the park, and charged with failure to disperse for blocking Academy. Two others were charged with resisting arrest. One person was hit with a 40 caliber rubber bullet and subdued with a stun gun after throwing a tear gas canister back at police.

Another 21 were arrested at Peterson. They were also charged with failure to disperse.

Officials estimate 3,000 people attended the rally at Palmer Park, and about 300 were at Peterson Air Force Base.