Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx?

Courtesy: Sports Ilustrated
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Many might think it’s an honor, but some true sports fans worry when their favorite player is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

It’s called the Sports Illustrated jinx. This week Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer is on the cover. Some Colorado Springs residents say it isn’t a big deal, because the Broncos are going to win. Other people are worried about the jinx.

"Jake Plummer by himself makes me nervous enough, I don't need to think about anything else," said Broncos fan Casey Smith.

"Broncos are going to kick some butt... doesn't matter whether Sports Illustrated put Jake Plummer or the whole team on there, Broncos are going to win this baby," said Broncos fan Ken Shakeshaft.

Here’s how the jinx supposedly works, a player is featured on the cover, then the next game the team looses or the player is hurt. Broncos fan Megan Buchwald says she’s never heard of the jinx, so she’s not worried about Sunday at all.

But many people do worry. In fact, Sports Illustrated itself looked into the jinx back in 2002. No one wanted to be on the cover of that issue. So a black cat, named Mr. Ed posed. After digging into the superstition, Sport Illustrated found roughly 37% of the time, the jinx comes true.

Fan Harvey Richardson says there’s still nothing to worry about.

"Don't even think about it. We're going to win," said Richardson.

Randy Walker isn’t thrilled about the cover, but agrees the Broncos will still win.

"Well its the Sports Illustrated jinx, we don't need that this week... we need all the luck we can get," said Walker.

There is some good news for Broncos fans, the Plummer picture is the national cover, but there are also 3 other regional covers. The regional covers show players from the 3 other teams playing in the NFC and AFC games.

The magazine goes on stands tomorrow.