Student Finds Pictures Along Creek After Flooding

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The cleanup continues in Manitou Springs following major flooding earlier this month.

In the midst of the mud and debris, a college student made a very special discovery. He found pictures that were lost during the recent flooding, and likely belong to a flood victim.

James Sibert is a student at UCCS. He was out taking photos of the aftermath of the flooding for his school’s newspaper.

As he was walking along Fountain Creek, he noticed a picture stuck in the mud.

"I picked it up and scraped some of the mud off of it, and so I put it in my camera bag and started walking back to the car. Then I saw another one, and then another one and another one, said Sibert.

Sibert spent an hour combing through mud and debris along the trail looking for pictures. When he was done, he had found about 20 of them.

"They're pretty rough. Most of them have some dirt on them, some scratches, some of them are almost completely washed out,” said Sibert.

Some of the pictures are in decent shape. Sibert thinks some of the photos are older and might be irreplaceable. He just hopes someone recognizes the faces in the pictures, so he can find the owner and return the missing memories.

“Special photos that would be nice to get back, especially if you thought they were lost for good,” said Sibert.

If the pictures belong to you, or you recognize the people in them, call the KKTV newsroom at 578-0000 or send us an email at