Emergency Preparedness

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Local agencies are trying to strike a balance between getting our community prepared for a chemical or biological attack, and causing panic.

On Friday, the city of Colorado Springs offered tips on what you can do to be ready.

Fire Department Hazardous Materials crews are the city's first line of defense if there is a chemical or biological attack. They have devices that can detect everything from chemical agents to radiation. But they say the real danger in our community comes from hazardous materials, not a potential terrorist attack. "You're like a million times more likely to have some kind of hazmat incident that's major, than you are a weapon of mass destruction," says Lieutenant Tom Barron with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Both the fire department and city leaders are getting questions from citizens about how to prepare for war. In response, a 1-page tip sheet is available, and it describes how to be prepared for any disaster, not just a terrorist attack.

The tip sheets will be available at locations across the city, including all fire and police stations. You can also get it on the internet:

Emergency Planning Tips/a>

City leaders stressed, they have no information that Colorado Springs is the target of any terrorist threats.