Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Almost 40 years after Dr. King's death, on the day the nation recognizes his birthday, people are still learning from the words he left behind.

There is no school on this holiday for most kids in Colorado Springs, but parents like Amanda Russo say there's a lesson to learn nonetheless.

"It should be every day," she said. "We should remember this and know that this is what America is about; about all of us being equal and remembering that, even with our differences."

Russo sat with her kids at a Colorado Springs library, where a video of the late civil rights leader giving his "I Have a Dream," speech played continually.

Meanwhile, in Denver, the sounds of drums and footsteps echoed down Colfax Avenue. Thousands, including Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, marched shoulder to shoulder to Civic Center Park in the annual Martin Luther King Marade.

In Pueblo, Martin Luther King's statue smiles over visitors who braved the cold to pay a visit and remember his message.

"Love one another," said a visiting Dr. Sylvester Massmann.