Broncos Ticket Mania

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Tickets to the AFC Championship game sold out in minutes, so now many Broncos fans are scrabbling to get their hands on tickets. Tickets for sale online range from hundreds to more than a thousand dollars a seat.

Tickets are posted on eBay and ticket broker websites. They range from hundreds to more than a thousand dollars a seat. But experts warn, be careful. Broncos fan Xiomara Janssen found out the hard way, when she was scammed a few years ago.

“I made the big mistake of buying tickets from a scalper and when we went through the gates, we found out we had tickets that were no good.”

Earlier this month Mountain View Police were investigating counterfeit tickets to last weekend’s game.

Sgt. Randy Johnson with the Colorado Springs Police Department says make sure you buy from a reputable website.

“Unless it’s a legitimate internet auction house like eBay or Google auction, we’d recommend they really not buy tickets,” says Sgt. Johnson.

He says bad guys will try to take advantage, and many people know how to use computers and printers to make replica tickets. So he recommends using your credit card or Paypal to pay for tickets online.

“Your credit card will prevent some fraud use. Federal Law protects you after the first 50 dollars,” says Sgt. Johnson.

The NFL and the Denver Broncos would like to remind the public that all tickets have seat numbers assigned to them. They would also like to remind those interested in purchasing tickets, that they could only guarantee the validity of the tickets if they are purchased through the Denver Bronco Ticket Office or via Ticket Master.