Lawmakers Get Back To Work

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Some of the bills introduced on the first day of the legislative session Wednesday would:

--Require home sale contracts to disclose whether the property was ever used as a methamphetamine laboratory, with hazardous chemicals requiring a costly cleanup. Senate Bill 2.

--Require community notification for all sexually violent predators. Expand the definition of predators to include those convicted of attempted crimes, solicitation for crimes and conspiracy, over concern that the current definition is too narrow. Senate Bill 22.

--Allow state-issued identity cards to be renewed by mail if holders attest they are Colorado residents who are in the country legally. Senate Bill 21.

--Prohibit smoking in enclosed areas, including workplaces, public meeting places, elevators, mass transportation, grocery stores, jury waiting rooms and restaurants. House Bill 1016.

--Increase the penalty for sexually assaulting someone under age 13 to life imprisonment. House Bill 1026.

--Increase the number of judges on the Colorado Court of Appeals from 16 to 19. House Bill 1028.

--Create a program to broadcast alerts for missing senior citizens, like the Amber Alert for missing. Senate Bill 57.

--Add third-degree assault, vehicular assault and disorderly conduct involving a fight to the list of incidents schools must report to the state. Senate Bill 55.

--Repeal state laws that bar local governments from regulating dangerous dogs, including pit bulls. Senate Bill 54.

--With federal approval, set up a purchasing pool to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. Senate Bill 1.