Commissioner Recall Petition

On Sunday the group Together for Effective Alternatives held a TEA party at phantom canyon brewery to motivate more people to sign the petition. The group believes the two commissioners should be replaced after the county decided Dec. 2 to cut the budget to allow more money to be spent to expand both the jail and the courthouse. Voters rejected the expansion proposal in November.

TEA filed a petition with the county courhouse Dec. 19 asking that commissioners Tom Huffman and Chuck Brown be recalled. They now have until Feb. 21 to get 30,000 signatures in support, for a recall election to happen.

Some members of TEA say they have had problems with the current commissioner board. For example Ray Miller says his problems with the board began 3 years ago when he and 9 other property owners in his neighborhood were told a portion of their land would be condemned in order to build a road.

Still, not everyone supports the recall. There are only 12 days left before the petitions are due and TEA still needs 1,000 more signatures. The chamber of commerce recently told TEA that a recall could hurt the local economy. But the petitions are still going to circulate to the final deadline and the group's members say their voice will be heard.

After the Feb. 21 deadline the El Paso County clerk will have 10 days to validate the signatures. If they are validated, then there will be a recall election.