Train Victim at Home

Missy Martin was in a coma for seven weeks after her car was struck by a train at a railroad crossing. Now, she will be allowed to go home for a few hours.

The 16 –year-old emerged from the coma January 3rd. Today's visit is the first time she's been home since the accident happened
November 12th. She says she feels great and she's excited to go home.

Missy's boyfriend, 17-year-old Vinny Veruchi tried to bump her stalled car off the tracks with his pickup truck but, he could not push her far enough before the train hit her Mazda Protege.

The couple celebrated their two-year anniversary Thursday.

For now, Missy is using a wheelchair while she relearns how to walk. Doctors and her family had been worried about how much brain damage she'd suffered. But about two weeks ago, she uttered her first word -- mom.