Christmas Vs. Winter

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The school board for District 11 will soon debate "Christmas versus Winter."
At the board's next meeting, members will vote to change the name of the "Winter Break" back to "Christmas Break."
Board member Eric Christen says it is the current district calendar that has him asking for the change.
"For the 25th of December there was a tree listed, versus all the rest of the federal holidays, that has actual holidays listed. I looked at it and thought this is silly," Christen said.
He's asking the board to put Christmas back on the calendar. And he wants to make sure it stays that way. He says only the board should have the right to change the name.
"I think its a little thing that we can do to show heritage, tradition and history is important. That it's not going to be white washed from us or our children," Christen said.
Currently the break from late December to early January is called Winter Break. It use to be called Christmas Break, but a spokesperson for the district was not sure how or when it was changed to Winter Break.
But board member Tami Hasling said this debate is something the board shouldn't be spending its time on. Hasling said the school district needs to respect everybody.
"This is a public entity, we need to be balanced in what we call it," she said. "And Winter Break satisfies every culture and every religion."