Man Acquitted of Murder Under "Make My Day" Law

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A man accused of first-degree murder is acquitted in Colorado Springs under the state's "Make My Day" law.
The law is intended to protect people who shoot intruders in their homes. However, in this case Gary Lee Hill was accused of killing a man who was already driving away from his house.
Nineteen-year-old John David Knott and three others had earlier assaulted Hill in his home. As they left, Hill grabbed a high-powered rifle and fired a shot which hit Knott in the back.
Hill's family says he should have never been put on trial.
A Colorado lawmaker who helped craft the measure calls the verdict a miscarriage of justice. He says the jury may have misinterpreted it. He says the intent of the make-my-day measure was that a home's door would be the threshold for an illegal entry, not somewhere down the street