CFA: Vacation Deposits

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A happy ending for a Colorado Springs couple who put down a deposit for a Florida vacation. Betty Sexton and Call for Action helped them get the trip they really wanted.

Here at the station we've been flooded with calls about Ramada Plaza Resorts. I've talked to at least a dozen people who saw our story and then asked how they could cancel their upcoming trips and get their deposits back.

Viewers didn't want to end up in Jim Shephard's shoes. He and his wife responded to material they got in the mail and left Colorado Springs thinking they were getting a first class travel bargain. But Jim says the hotels were dumpy, the Bahama cruise was a joke, and they spent most of their time listening to required timeshare presentations.

"It was a stressful trip and we were just tickled to death to get into our own home," Jim Shepard said. The Shephards spent over $1,300 in taxes and fees for this so-called travel bargain. That very amount could've bought them a 7-day cruise without the hassles.

A viewer named Jack contacted Call for Action, asking how he could get his $600 deposit back from Ramada Plaza Resorts. I suggested he dispute the charge with his credit card company and call Ramada. And it worked. Jack got his money back and, on his own, found a vacation package he really could enjoy.

Remember, check out a company before you open your wallet. The Florida Better Business Bureau says Ramada Plaza Resorts has an unsatisfactory record for not answering customer complaints and misrepresenting its product. Sometimes so-called bargains really aren't when you add up those taxes and fees.