Quotes regarding Gary Barnett stepping down

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Comments Thursday pertaining to head Colorado football Coach stepping down following months of scandal and a three game losing streak to end the season.

"In the last 24 hours, Mike has made a decision to change the football coach at the University of Colorado," he said. "I respect that decision, I didn't like that decision -- I didn't resign my position -- but I wholeheartedly accept ... the decision." Coach Gary Barnett, on stepping down.

"I think we just ran out of juice, the well went dry and there isn't an answer for that, as far as I can tell." -- Barnett, on his three game losing streak.

"It's not necessarily fair at times. But a change certainly can bring fresh air to the university... If you look at everything that has been thrown at him in the last 18, 20 months, nothing to date has ever indicted Gary Barnett... At some point it begins to be too much." --Colorado Board of Regents member Tom Lucero on Barnett becoming the lightnint rod for the scandal surround the football program.

"There's no doubt that coach Barnett has been a controversial figure. We've implemented recent changes, but it's important to have a change in personnel to really make the reforms lasting... Performance issues both on the field and off the field led us to believe it was a good decision for the university." -- Regent Michael Carrigan.

"He trusts university President Hank Brown and the Board of Regents to do the right thing, take any necessary action that they determine is warranted." Mark Salley, deputy press secretary for Gov. Bill Owens.