Feds Investigate Window Washer Incident

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Federal authorities are investigating an accident in downtown Denver that left two window washers dangling from a swinging, windblown scaffold 12 stories above the ground yesterday.

Authorities say neither man was seriously injured.

Denver firefighters rescued the men after going into the building and holding on to the scaffold after it slammed into the building. Then they tied down the scaffold.

The company the men work for says the two had finished a 31-story bank of windows and were moving the scaffold to the top of the building when a mechanical failure stopped it. Bob Popp of Bob Popp Building Services says sudden wind gusts started whipping the scaffold around.

The National Weather Service says the wind was 24 miles an hour with gusts up to 36 miles an hour.

People on the ground scrambled to dodge flying shards of glass as the scaffold hit the building. No pedestrians were hurt.