Colorado Springs Police Say Man Impersonating An Officer

Springs Police are looking for a man who is impersonating a police officer. They say he's armed, has a metal badge and handcuffs. Police don't want to take any chances because of the recent kidnap and murder of a University of Northern Colorado student. The suspect in the murder of Lacy Miller, is Jason Claussen. Police say he may have posed as an officer to stop her car and abduct her.

Police say their current suspect is armed and verbally aggressive and intimidating. Security Guards at the Citadel Mall first saw the man while making their routine rounds Thursday. They say the suspect revealed a weapon when they questioned him and flashed a badge.

The Springs Police say if you're unsure about an officer's identity, first pull over in a well lit and populated area. Ask to see a badge and photo I.D. And call 911 to verify the officer identity.

The officer impersonator is driving a blue, Ford 350 Truck, with a red and white pin stripes. If you have any information call Springs Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.