Nigerian Email Scam

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It's a new type of scam. The FBI is aware of it, but can't do anything because the thieves are in Nigeria.

Before you head Online to sell a car beware, you could lose thousands of dollars.

So far, at least two Colorado Springs families are victims of a scam.

This is how it works.

Each family posted their used car online, and got an email saying, someone in Africa wanted to buy it.

Then a check comes for more than the agreed price.

The plan is for the seller to send the balance back to the buyer, or to a third party, that would ship the car.

The Better Business Bureau has a couple of tips to make sure you don't become a scam victim:

  • Have your bank call the bank that issued the check and confirm the money's really there.

  • Ask your bank to keep the actual paper copy of the check for a week

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