Rescued Snowboarder Could Still Lose Toes

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An Erie man says he expects he'll appreciate each day a lot more now, after being rescued from snow and cold weather at high altitude.

But 31-year-old John Ryan says he's still worried he may lose some toes due to frostbite.

The snowboarder became lost at the eleven-thousand-foot level near Keystone Ski Resort last week. He took cover in a snow-fort for three days until a team from Gunnison found him Saturday morning.

He was released from a hospital yesterday, as Search and Rescue officials called it a "miracle" that he survived at all.

Ryan says he must have blown by resort boundary signs without seeing them last Wednesday.

He cried as he told reporters about some advice his father passed along when he was a child, to stay put if he ever got lost.

Ryan's co-workers at the Pumphouse Brewery in Longmont grew concerned when he didn't show up for work Thursday.

His wife didn't report him missing until that night, saying it wasn't out of character for him to suddenly change plans.