Two Year Anniversary of Waldo Canyon Fire

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Monday marks the two year anniversary of when the Waldo Canyon Fire started. You could see the giant plume of smoke from miles way. The next week would change the lives of so many.

11 News spoke with a woman who was evacuated during the fire. She says she'll never forget the images during that time.

"I think it will always stay with me. When we drove through and saw all of the burned up buildings, it was so heart breaking. But the good thing that came from it is just the huge amount of gratitude that my neighbors and I had that we're lucky we got out,” Cindy Stempson explained.

11 News talked to a man who lives across the street from Stempson. He lost his home in the fire. A total of 347 homes burned and two people were killed. Since the fire, 236 homes have been rebuilt.

“Who would've guessed, two years later it would look like this. It's a much better community. Much stronger bond, much nicer houses for the most part. It allows you to do things you never thought you could. I never thought I'd be able to build a house and the fire made it all happen,” said Victor Malone.

Homeowners will have their annual BBQ on Thursday to commemorate the day their homes were destroyed.

There are other signs of progress as well. On Saturday, 11 News was there as the community broke ground to renovate the Mountain Shadows Park.