2 Walgreens Targeted By Crooks Overnight

Evidence of break-in at Walgreen on West Colorado.
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Two Walgreens were targeted by crooks overnight on opposite sides of El Paso County.

The incidents happened within minutes of each other.

The first Walgreens, located on 3143 W. Colorado on the west side of Colorado Springs, was hit around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. The suspect or suspects smashed a store window and climbed inside, then stole cigarettes and perfume.

Minutes later, a break-in was attempted at a second location, though this time crooks were unable to get inside. This Walgreens is located east of the Springs in Falcon.

The two locations are about 30 minutes apart. Authorities say it's unclear, particularly due to the distance between the stores, if there's actually a link between the two cases or if it's just coincidence that they happened so close together.