2 Teens Accused Of Burglary, Car Thefts

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They're not even old enough to drive but they're being held in a youth detention center, right now, accused of stealing cars. 11 News has the inside story from the people who saw it all happen.

It all started at a home near South Academy and Hancock. Police say two boys, a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old, broke into that home.

Both of the young teens got away in two stolen cars. The 13-year-old crashed a car not far from the home, at Hancock and Morning Mist, he was arrested at that scene. The 14-year-old crashed the stolden car he was driving at the Loaf N’ Jug at Hancock and Drennan, but police had to chase after him before they could get him.

Linda Chapman showed 11 News reporter Alyssa Chin exactly where the 14-year-old suspect was hiding. He was inside a shed in her backyard, when a Colorado Springs Police K-9 found him.

"There were police inside this shed and was fighting to hold onto this fella, (then) they got him," Chapman said.

That suspect was one of two boys wanted for breaking into a house about a mile away at James Thomas' home.

He told us he got home early from work when he spotted the two boys running out of his house with his laptop and all their Christmas presents in a trash bag. Thomas and a neighbor ran after them, but couldn't catch them.

"We jumped over the fence and they took off running, we chased them and they dropped everything. They had the Christmas presents and the guy even took my shoes, he put them on and left his in the backyard," Thomas said.

That pair of shoes were the only things Thomas didn't get back from the chase. While 11 News was talking to Thomas, a CSPD officer showed up and returned them to him.

The 13-year-old was eventually caught. That 14-year-old was the one arrested at Chapman's home.

"(The police) moved so fast. It was, I don't know, it was like they flew over the fences, I mean I have never seen them in action like that," Chapman said.

Investigators told us they believe these two teens are responsible for other break-ins and are working to find out how many they could be connected to.

The teens were treated at the hospital for minor injuries and released. Both suspects will be charged with numerous charges to include Burglary, Motor Vehicle Theft and various traffic related charges.