Arrest Papers Reveal Background into Waldo Canyon Burglary

From left: David Town, Alexis Mendez (Credit: CSPD)
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New arrests have been made related to burglaries in evacuation zones during the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Officers say they recovered a number of stolen items inside a unit at the Casa Del Rey apartments after executing a search warrant Wednesday, and arrested 31-year-old David Town for one burglary.

According to police, additional evidence then pointed to the involvement of 19-year-old Alexis Mendez, who is currently in jail on a separate charge.

An arrest affidavit for David Town obtained by 11 News Thursday outlines a complicated story told by three suspects. The document indicates Town knows Mendez and Cameron Moore. Moore was arrested earlier this year on charges he burglarized a home that was evacuated during the Waldo Canyon Fire. All three are now suspected of playing a part in the burglary of Ken Patterson's home.

"It would be one thing if our homes burned down, but to come in while we were gone is a slap not only in my face, but in the faces of everyone who was burglarized," Patterson said Thursday.

The affidavit indicates all of the suspects pointed the finger at each other initially when Mendez was arrested in August for a separate crime.

As part of the investigation police found a sword taken from Patterson's home in Town's apartment in August. According to the affidavit, at that time, Town said he got it from Mendez and Moore.

Early in November as part of his plea agreement, Moore told another side of the story. According to his account, he went to Town's apartment to get marijuana the night of the major Waldo Canyon Fire evacuations.

According to Moore, he, Mendez and Town drove to Garden of the Gods and Centennial, and then to a nearby parking lot that had access to a drainage channel that runs through the Pinon Valley neighborhood. Moore said Mendez wanted to break into homes, and Moore agreed to go while Town stayed behind.

Moore said he and Mendez went into Ken Patterson's house, where they stole some DVDs, a sword and some sports memorabilia. They reportedly traded some of their take to Town for marijuana. Moore said he pawned the DVDs for rent money.

Moore, who has arranged a plea agreement for his part in the crime, will be sentenced in January.

Police say Town and Mendez are persons of interest in other break-ins inside the evacuation zones, but that evidence so far has not linked them to any other burglaries.

Eighty-five confirmed burglaries, 42 in homes and 43 in vehicles, were reported during the fire. Several arrests have been made in the months since the fire, but many cases still remain unsolved.