Aunt Speaks About 10-Year-Old Joyrider

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"The cops had gotten behind him and he got scared and started in the high-speed pursuit."

In an exclusive interview with 11 News, the aunt of the two young kids who went for a joyride in their parents SUV described what happened just minutes before the accident.

Several investigators were on the scene of the crash near Memorial Park in Colorado Springs after the SUV rolled and hit a light pole just before 2 in the morning.

The kids’ aunt, Kelly Stewart, said her nephew got scared when he saw police and accelerated, causing him to lose control.

The driver was a 10-year-old boy, and his 8-year-old sister was the passenger.

"It’s just a shock, he’s never done this before," Stewart said.

Stewart said the boy has joked about going on a joyride before, but they never thought he'd go through with it.

"He said, ‘No I would never do that, it's very dangerous and I could get hurt so I would never ever do that,’" Stewart recalled.

Investigators told us the fifth grader drove two to three miles before he crashed.

"We're going to try and figure out exactly why he did it, because right now he's not really wanting to talk about it," Stewart said.

Stewart said both kids took the time to buckle up before their joyride, and firefighters told her it likely saved their lives.

The boy has a couple of deep cuts on his head and internal injuries; his sister got stitches for a very deep cut on her leg and has quite a bit of road rash.

The family is hoping the kids will be released from the hospital before Christmas.

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According to the father, his son told his stepmother he was "going to roll off in the Durango," something she took as a joke. But around 1:45 Monday morning, after she had done to sleep, the boy and his sister did exactly that--took off for a spin in the SUV.

About three miles into their joyride, the father tells 11 News his son saw police behind him and sped up. The boy lost control and hit a pole, causing the Dodge Durango to roll twice.

The parents say the only reason their children survived was because both were wearing seat belts.

The crash happened on Union near Memorial Park. Union was shut down between Pikes Peak and Airport for several hours after the accident.

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