2 Accused Of Starting Massive Longmont Fire

Credit: KCNC

Two men have been arrested as firefighters work to fully extinguish a massive fire in Longmont.

The fire started Wednesday night just east of the city's waste water treatment plant. Authorities have accused 18-year-old August Adams and 22-year-old Robert Fitzpatrick of intentionally starting the fire in a pile of railroad ties. The fire scorched the railroad ties and continues to burn almost 12 hours later. People reported seeing flames and a huge cloud of smoke for miles.

The Mountain View Fire Rescue says firefighters and contractors are moving the railroad ties Thursday morning to make sure there are no remain hot spots or active fire.

The fire knocked out power Wednesday night to nearly 300 surrounding homes and businesses. It has since been restored.

According to sister station KCNC, no structures are endangered, but the air quality in the area is poor due to toxins and chemicals used to treat the railroad ties getting into the air.

Police say they were led to the suspects after witnesses said they saw the pair starting the fire.