Springs Representative Leads Informal Hearing on Illegal Immigration

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Dozens of people turned out at the state Capitol today for an informal hearing on illegal immigration.
Karen Roubal of Fort Collins said lawmakers need to find ways to round up and deport illegal immigrants and seal the nation's borders. Madeleine Cosman said that illegal immigrants often have "disgusting" diseases -- like flesh-eating viruses -- and strain the nation's health care system.
Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, warned that the United States could face riots like the ones that swept France if it tries to expand the number of immigrant workers.
Rachel Olivarez-Sellers of the Colorado Democratic Latino Initiative says she was disturbed by some of the statements at the hearing.
State representative Dave Schultheis of Colorado Springs predicts immigration will be a major issue when the Legislature convenes in January. He's one of three lawmakers who spent time with the Minutemen along Arizona's border with Mexico last month.