New Information on Deadly Mid-Air Collision

Investigators have new information about Friday's deadly mid-air collision in Denver. The National Transportation Safety Board says both pilots were in contact with an air traffic controller at the time of the crash. One of them received a warning before the crash, but it's not clear which one got the warning, or how soon before the collision the warning came.

Five people died when the two small planes collided over a Denver neighborhood just north of Invesco Field.

All victims of the crash have now been identified. Curtis Massey, Isaac Murrow and Jonathon Ladd were on board the Cessna 172. 21-year-old Ladd is a survivor of the 1999 columbine school shootings. He is credited with calling a television station on his cell phone to give a first hand account of what was going on inside the school.

The other two victims, Leo Larson and Fred White were aboard the Piper Cheyenne aircraft.