Missing Hunters Found

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Searchers in northwest Colorado say two people lost during a weekend hunting trip are alive -- and safe.

Moffat (MAW'-fuht) County sheriff's officials say a boy identifying himself only as "Aaron" called 9-1-1 yesterday, saying he didn't know where he was -- and couldn't find his hunting partner.

The boy reported that 66-year-old Robert Gordon told him to stay in a van, and to come over a hill as soon as he heard shots.

Aaron later scaled the hill, but couldn't locate Gordon.

Sheriff Buddy Grinstead says Aaron returned to the van, and Gordon came down a few minutes later -- but the cellphone the boy used to call for help would no longer work.

Crews located the two this morning after tracking the cellphone signal.

It's not clear why the hunters didn't drive into town last night to report they were O-K.

Grinstead says the two will not face charges.