Miers Withdraws Nomination, Allard, Salazar React

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Colorado's two United States senators say they respect Harriet Miers' (myers') decision to withdraw her nomination to the U-S Supreme Court.

But Democrat Ken Salazar says President Bush's next nominee ought to be someone who's "demonstrated professional excellence as a lawyer or judge."

Bush announced just before seven o-clock (Mountain time) this morning that he'd "reluctantly" accepted her withdrawal, after weeks of insisting he did NOT want her to step down.

Republican Senator Wayne Allard said he feared that Democrats' efforts to get access to her records might've contributed to her decision. He said he was looking forward to working with the White House on a replacement.

Miers had come under growing criticism because of her lack of judicial experience, and for not revealing more information about herself to lawmakers.

Allard says Bush will have to move quickly to name a new nominee.

Miers will keep her current job as White House counsel.