"Dumb and Dumber" Robbers

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There's some more details today about the clumsy bank robbers dubbed "Dumb and Dumber" by the media back home in Australia.

Investigators believe Luke Carroll and Anthony Prince, both ski shop workers, decided to hold up a Vail bank earlier this year because they had gotten caught up in the high-dollar lifestyle of the ski resort. The F-B-I says one of them was in debt but they wouldn't reveal which one.

Carroll and Prince held up a bank where they did business and the tellers recognized their accents.

They also tried to buy jewelry with five dollar bills and mailed at least 18-thousand dollars in cash to their homes in Australia.

They were arrested the day after the robbery at the Denver airport with thousands of dollars in their shoes and luggage.

The FBI and Vail police released new details and photos from the case today -- four months after the pair pleaded guilty -- because there were so many requests from the Australian media.

Investigators say Carroll and Prince was also suspected of trying to make a purchase with a credit card a customer accidentally left in the shop where they worked. They were never charged because police decided to focus on the bank robbery instead.