Wilma Comes Ashore

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There are reports of flooding along Florida's southwest coast, where Hurricane Wilma has roared ashore.

But officials say it will be some time before the storm's impact can be fully assessed. As one put it, "we really are only half way through the storm."

So far, flooding has been reported in downtown Naples, Marco Island and Key West.

The center of Wilma's eye made landfall around dawn near Cape Romano, south of Naples. At the time, its top winds were 125 miles-per-hour, though they have weakened to about 120 miles-per-hour. But forecasters say storm-surge flooding is at least as big a concern as the winds, especially in the low-lying Keys.

Wilma is expected to move quickly northeast across Florida, skirting the southern end of Lake Okeechobee and heading into the Atlantic.