18th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races

Halloween would not be the same here in Southern Colorado if you didn’t kick-start the celebration with the eye-catching Emma Crawford Coffin Races.

Hundreds packed Manitou Springs for an annual Halloween tradition that is as unique as the each custom-carved coffin.

Hundreds dressed in their Halloween best as they took part in the hauntingly fun tradition.

It started off with a parade of hearses, showing off the uniquely crafted coffins.

Then it was off to the races as teams showed off their original themes, bright colors, haunting makeup, or freaky fast wheels.

It’s an unusual competition that always draws a huge enthusiastic Halloween crowd, from all over the country.

We talked with some of the teams competing in the coffin race.

"We are all dressed up like the dead dread-heads today. We are here to race and to win,” said Kellie Muse, Team Awakened Souls.

"We just like to dress in the brightest colors and be the brightest we can...make everybody laugh,” said Keith Johnson, Team Furlopians.

This was the 18th year for the annual coffin race and festival that shuts down Main Street.

"I think this is the only time you can see this many people together all dressed up having a good time and it's so unique. I mean who else does this but Manitou Springs?” Muse told 11 News.

The event attracts hundreds of tourists each Halloween.

"Halloween is the coolest time of year ever devised on the planet and it's part of American culture, it's here to stay, it's gonna get bigger. Costumes all year round, that's what I say, all year round. Come on now,” Johnson said.

Here are the results from the 18th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races:

Fire Department Division
Crystal Park Volunteer Fire Department 23:63

Overall Race Results
1st Place – Ghouls Gulch 25:01
2nd Place – City Rock 25:75
3rd Place – Thriller 26:15
4th Place – Emma & The Wailers
Best Emma – Emma’s Wake
Best Coffin – And you will know us by the trail of the dead!
Best Entourage – Ghouls Gulch