Deployment Orders

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Approximately 4,000 soldiers from Fort Carson are getting the call to action. It comes as America beefs up its military presence in anticipation of a possible war with Iraq.

Monday's deployment is the biggest yet out of Fort Carson. It involves the Third Combat Brigade, the 10th Combat Support Hospital and some members of the 571st Air Ambulance Medical Evacuation Company.

Fort Carson officials are not saying exactly where they're headed. We do know they'll support the Central Command area, and that could mean Southwest Asia or North Africa.

This is a significant number of troops, the largest deployment from Fort Carson so far. These units handle tanks, field artillery, armored vehicles and humvees, plus medical and other support services.

One of the major things the Third Brigade Combat Team is going to bring to the table is a significant amount of combat power. Captain Kory Brendsel is one of the soldiers deploying. He says the troops are ready to serve. "We're trained to fight and win anywhere in the world." He also says, this is what they train for, but leaving is always difficult. "It is hard to leave, but that's why we came into the army."

To put the size of this deployment in perspective, at Fort Carson there are about 15,000 active duty soldiers and 3,000 civilians. This call-up involves 4,000 soldiers.

Right now, there's no indication of when the troops will deploy. "They're ready to be combined with a large force and provide combat power to decisively win, if that's the case," said Captain Lt. Col. Tom Budzyna.

Another big question is how long will the soldiers be deployed. Lt. Col. Budzyna said it's "open-ended"---the troops will stay on assignment until their mission is complete.