Chronic Wasting Disease

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A bull moose killed by an archer earlier this month is being identified as the first ever to test positive for chronic wasting disease.

The state Division of Wildlife says the animal was submitted for testing September 12th, and the Veterinary Diagnostic lab at Colorado State University confirmed the presence of CWD.

The disease had been found only in deer and elk until now, even though testing for moose became mandatory in Colorado in 2003.

Nearly 300 moose have been tested without a positive result.

Wildlife officials say testing will be repeated on the latest sample, since it's the first to show up as positive.

The division says CWD is likely to be a rare occurrence in moose because of their social habits.

Chronic wasting disease was first discovered in Colorado in the late 1960s.

The brain-wasting and nervous system disorder is always fatal in deer and elk.