More USOC Ethics Panel Members Quit

More members of the United States Olympic Committee's ethics panel have quit in protest. That brings to five the number of resignations this week within the U-S-O-C's upper ranks. The Post cites sources within the U-S-O-C, saying ethics panel members Steve Potts, Ed Petry and John Kuelbs have tendered their resignations. The moves come after the panel declined to open an investigation into whether the committee's leader withheld information. Chairman Ken Duberstein was accused of trying to cover up evidence that U-S-O-C chief Lloyd Ward violated the organization's ethics code. Ward allegedly tried to steer U-S-O-C business to a company headed by his brother and a longtime friend. The ethics panel decided not to sanction Ward. Ethics compliance officer Pat Rodgers and oversight committee member Brian Derwin quit earlier this week.