Fort Carson Records Stolen

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Fort Carson officials say a number of soldiers have been warned to watch for suspicious credit-card or banking activity after computer containing personnel records were stolen in a break-in.

Fort Carson spokeswoman Dee McNutt says computers or their hard drives were stolen in mid-August from a building where soldiers go to obtain identification cards and update their personnel records once a year. She doesn't know how many soldiers' records were stolen, and doesn't know how many of those soldiers are in Iraq.

McNutt says the records taken hold the soldiers' names, Social Security numbers, date of birth, rank, unit, citizenship status and job in the Army. She says so far, there haven't been any reports of identity theft stemming from the break-in.

McNutt says there are no suspects in the case.

She says Fort Carson officials have warned soldiers to watch for suspicious financial activity, and advised them of steps to take if they think their information is being used illegally. Family members of soldiers who are in Iraq have been told about the theft.