"United We Stand" Colorado License Plates

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Colorado motorists may be able to do something to fight terrorism simply by registering their vehicles.

Two state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would create a new Colorado license plate. The plate would include the phrase "United We Stand."

Motorists could choose the plate for an extra $25 fee. $5 of the fee would go toward the Highway Users Tax Fund. $20 would go to the U.S. State Department's "Rewards for Justice'" program.

The fee would be in addition to normal licensing and registration fees.

Assistant Minority Leader Ken Gordon of Denver says six other states have already done something similar. The Democratic senator sponsored the bill along with Republican Senate President John Andrews of Centennial.

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Colorado License Plates

  • The following plates may be used on passenger vehicles, station wagons, passenger vans, buses, motorhomes, hearses, and ambulances: