Looking for a Job

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As thousands of Hurricane katrina survivors relocate to new cities and new lives, Many are looking for new jobs to support them.

People at the Pikes Peak Workfoce Center are in the business of finding people jobs.

Now, their job is finding people who have business, and want to give victims of Hurricane Katrina a chance to get back on their feet.

Peggy Herbertson says before Hurricane Katrina, colorado spring's unemployment rate was already 5.5 percent.

But she says because the two unemployed groups very so much in job history, she doesn't expect them to compete for the same jobs.

Strong corporate chains like Starbucks coffee and Wal*Mart are blending employment opportunities in with other relief efforts, promising to give their displaced employees a job where ever they relocate.

At the Wal*Mart on platte, co-manager brad voth says they've got plenty of room.

If your business has job openings you'd like to designate specifically for victims of Hurricane Katrina, call 667-3839.

On the other hand, if you're a victim of hurricane katrina looking for a job, call 1-800-818-7811.