Sen. Salazar Calls For FEMA Chief To Step Down

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At least one member of Colorado's congressional delegation is calling for the ouster of federal disaster official Michael Brown.

Democratic Senator Ken Salazar says Brown had 36-hours notice of the devastation Hurricane Katrina could cause, but waited until five hours after the storm made landfall before asking his boss to send rescue support workers.

Salazar is asking President Bush to fire Brown, blaming the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for inexcusable inaction before the storm -- and an ineffective response later.

The freshman senator even went so far as to blame the suspected deaths of "thousands of people" on FEMA's (FEE'-muh's) failure to do something ahead of time.


Brown served nine years as a board member of the Aurora-based International Arabian Horse Association before joining FEMA.

And Bush has said Brown is doing -- quote -- "a heck of a job" in the wake of the storm.

There's no indication he'll ask for Brown's resignation.