Mother Reunites With First Responders After Giving Birth

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Parents never forget the moment their children enter the world, but one mother in particular will have her child's delivery etched in her mind forever.

Lori and Tim Corliss thought they had plenty of time to get to the hospital, but they didn't. Lori had given birth one time before, but the birth was so slow that she wanted to wait to get to the hospital this time.

As they were on the way to hospital, Lori realized that the baby wasn't going to wait any longer. So her husband Tim pulled over, and little baby Quinn was born at the intersection of Woodmen and Union.

"I was scared out of my mind," Lori said. "I really did not want to give birth on the side of the road."

A crew with the ambulance company AMR showed up just as the baby was born, and took both mother and baby to the hospital. Despite the unusual circumstances around the birth, both were doing fine.

Wednesday, Lori got to meet the first responders who helped deliver her baby girl, as well as the passerby who guided the ambulance to the couple's location.

Christy was on her way to church Sunday when she spotted the couple on the roadside. Once she realized what was going on, she pulled over to help.

"I just took the phone and started talking to the 911 operator so Tim could focus on helping Lori."

Lori and Tim say they plan to stay in touch with the first responders and the Good Samaritan.