CU Investigation Book

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A former reporter with special access to the University of Colorado football team during the height of the recruiting scandal says he will self-publish his book.

Longmont Daily Times-Call reporter Bruce Plasket says he is using his own money to put out the book, titled -- "Buffaloed: Racism, Sexism, Injustice, and the Media Frenzy that Created a Scandal That Wasn't."

He's self publishing the book after the original publishing deal fell through earlier this summer.

Plasket spent a year covering the CU football team for the newspaper and had intimate access to the team while other reporters were limited to practices and locker rooms and told not to ask questions about the scandal.

Plasket says he argues in the book that the news media sided with "vindictive politicians and a small group of extremists" who claimed CU used sex as a recruiting tool, according to a statement.