18 Voters Refered To District Attorney For Review

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder is referring the names of 18 voters to the District Attorney to review them for possible wrong doing or criminal charges.

The voters participated in the Senate District 11 Recall Election. According to a spokesman with the Clerk and Recorder's Office at least 11 people may have used the same-day voter registration system to vote without actually living in the district.

The voters include four Republicans, four unaffiliated voters and 10 Democrats.

“My office is committed to administering fair and clean elections that citizens can trust,” said Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams. “With House Bill 1303 now in place there is a greater potential for voter fraud and we must meet that increased potential with heightened vigilance. We will pass along any activity that warrants investigation and I know that our District Attorney will prosecute any illegal activity to the fullest extent of the law. Unfortunately there are a number of instances in which the new legislation only permits us to prosecute after the fact rather than preventing wrongdoing.”