Proposed High Speed Rail

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Backers of a high-speed commuter rail line that would connect Cheyenne to Albuquerque are trying to build support for the idea.

Bob Briggs heads the nonprofit Front Range Commuter Rail, which is shepherding the idea.

He says Senator Ken Salazar and Representatives Mark Udall and Bob Beauprez have given verbal support for the project.

The plan depends on Colorado's delegation seeking a federal designation of the high-speed rail corridor so it could receive federal funds.

The plan also needs voters' approval, and companies like Burlington Northern and Union Pacific would have to agree to move freight lines to the east so the commuter rail route could use their existing rail lines along the Front Range.

Briggs says the window for the plan to take shape is now because Denver area voters recently approved plans to expand rail in the metro area, and two proposals are in the works up to move freight lines east.