Two Murders In Pueblo Area

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Two separate murders in Southern Colorado, and now, several suspects are behind bars.

The first one happened around 1:15 Sunday morning in Pueblo on the 1800 block of Mohawk on the city's east side.

The other one was in Pueblo County, just south of Avondale on Fields Road. Bradley Chandler was arrested in connection with that murder, accused of gunning down his own stepfather.

According to jail records, Mario Bonetta and Alvin Lark are now charged with first-degree murder in connection with the city’s murder.

Pueblo Police said a woman was at a party on Mohawk. She apparently got into an argument with other party-goers, so she called her daughter, Amanda Sanchez, to come pick her up.

When Sanchez got there, the fight continued into the street and the daughter was gunned down.

“Maybe 3 or 4 shots were fired," said Christopher Coleman, a neighbor.

"There was lots of screaming and yelling. This isn't the first time it's happened, though," said Coleman.

He’s a soldier who's been to Iraq twice. He told 11 News he can't believe he heard gunfire outside his front door. "It does worry me doing what I do. I come back and there's more stuff going on here than there is over there."

"It's usually quiet and it’s been that way for years,” said Thomas Gilmore, another neighbor. “But it's changing."

Neighbors said in the past year, this area has had problems.

Pueblo Police say it was a senseless death. "It’s a crack house, a flop house to do drugs," said Sgt. Eric Bravo.

The suspects were tracked down shortly after the shooting, not far from the scene.

Police said a third suspect, 20-year-old Liani Sandoval, was also arrested in connection with this murder for being an accomplice.