Cloud Seeding and Snowpack

It seems that cloud seeding in Colorado might be working. The snowpack in the state's high country is higher in the areas where clouds are being seeded. Though water officials still aren't ready to credit the seeding with the snowpack levels just yet.

Cloud seeding involves injecting the clouds with silver iodide to produce moisture.

The snowpack is currently near average in the high country, but more snow is still a necessity. Snowpack in the river basins, which is where Colorado Springs gets most of its water, is about 92% of normal. But, the snowpack up on Pikes peak is still well below normal at about 25%.

Officials hope the next three months will bring above normal precipitation. But, even if the rest of the season is snowy, that still won't reverse the drought. Experts say that will take three wet years to accomplish. For Coloradans, that will probably mean at least one more summer of conserving.

Here's a reminder for residents hoping to water while the weather's warm: businesses with even numbered addresses can water tomorrow; those with odd numbered addresses can water on Thursday. Residential customers with odd numbered addresses can water on Saturday; Even addresses can water on Sunday.