Dog Attack Victim Recovers

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The owners of two dogs involved in an attack have now come forward. Pueblo police say the two dogs attacked a woman last Friday as she was taking her morning walk. Officers spent hours looking for the owners of the dogs but couldn't find them. But Sunday night, the owners came forward. They could face charges of unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog. Any charges will be up to the district attorney's office.

The woman who was attacked was bitten numerous times. She says she thought the dogs were going to kill her. Jacquie Huffaker says she did everything she could to fight back and survive. But ultimately, she says two heroes came to her rescue. "In a few seconds, I had two dogs biting me." Huffacker was out for her morning walk, something she's done for 20 years, when two dogs knocked her to the ground and began biting. "I was beginning to lose my voice. I was so hoarse from screaming and thinking, 'These dogs are going to kill me because they were getting close to my neck.' And I thought I wasn't going to make it."

The dogs bit her legs, arms and face and even the back of her head. "My hands were free and I kept pounding them on the head and screaming and hoping someone would come to my aid." That's exactly what happened.

The attack happened about a mile from Huffaker's home. The couple inside a nearby home heard her screams and ran out to help. Stan Sicher shooed the dogs away. "They didn't seem to scare very easily. I kicked one of them and they scattered a little bit." Huffaker believes the Sichers probably saved her life. "They ministered to me. They called the ambulance. In my book, they're the heroes."

Even though she's still afraid, Huffaker loves walking and plans to keep it up. She says she doesn't want fear to rule her life. Huffaker does have a message she wants to get out. She says dog owners need to be responsible for their pets, so attacks like this don't happen again.