Volunteers Turn Unsuccessful Search For Young Woman

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The search for 22-year-old Bekime "Becky" Elshani continued Thursday in the hills west of Colorado Springs. Volunteers are turning to more isolated areas like Rampart Range Road on a hunch, fearing they'll find the worst.

The search began in city creek beds Wednesday by volunteers on foot. Thursday they used all terrain vehicles in the nearby foothills.

"Look anywhere and everywhere right now," said Wes Bartle, Elshani's estranged husband.

Bartle is heading up a search party of volunteers. None of them are professional investigators, merely extra sets of eyes scanning the side of rampart range road thursday for any kind of clue, braving the cold and snow to do it.

"We're just trying to find her, hoping she's alive," said volunteer Garrett Davis.

Volunteers said searching the road is difficult enough looking through tall trees. The other challenge was working against mother nature, and a snowfall that might cover up any sign that anyone had been there recently.

Becky's boyfriend Daniel killed himself and was found in the apartment they shared near north Academy and Dublin Boulevard on Monday night.

What happened to becky remains a mystery. Hope of finding her is dwindling and hope of finding her close to home is even dimmer. The search could end up as a recovery mission.

"You've got mountains up by Monument, Mt. Herman. You've got the Palmer Park area. Areas where people are most likely to be found," Bartle said.

The search will continue as long as there is enough daylight to see, inch by inch, with one ultimate goal:

"Finding Becky. Finding closure," Bartle said.

Anyone interested in joining the search effort for Becky is asked to call 291-4787.