Bear Attack

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A 14-year-old Texas boy is being credited with doing "everything right" after a bear attacked him early Tuesday near Coaldale.

Colorado Department of Wildlife officials say the boy and his brother were asleep inside a tent at a private campground when the bear came inside about one a-m.

The rest of the family was sleeping in a nearby camper.

Area wildlife manager Jim Aragon says the teenager "fought back and was able to fend off the bear." The animal gave up after a short struggle and ran away.

The boy sustained a bite wound to his left hand, plus a few scratches and bruises.

Investigators aren't sure why the bear entered the tent. Officials are trying to capture the bear.

The animal will be destroyed if caught.

Coaldale is located some 17 miles southeast of Salida in Fremont County, or about 65 miles southwest of Colorado Springs.