Smoking Ban in Jeopardy?

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The controversy over the new smoking ban in pueblo is getting hotter than ever. Now, pueblo city council members fear opponents may get the ban overturned. Some city council members now admit they didn't expect such a backlash from the ban and they now say it's likely opponents of the ban will be able to get the issue on the ballot.

This as the smoking ban has only been in effect for four days.

However, one official says the calls they have received have been 25 to one in favor of the ban. So if the issue does get on the November ballot city council president Mike Occihiato says he does believe it will still pass. The head of the health department is equally optimistic that the ban could survive a vote of the people.

The hope is that even if the ban is overturned, that many establishments will stay smoke free. Dr Nevin Woods says many Pueblo restaurants have called to say they are very happy with the smoking ordinance. They say not having two sections has allowed them to open up more of their restaurants.